Family with a mission

Family with a mission.

    When we as family moved to South-Africa was that not because I was taking a good time for enjoying nature, neither to have a rest after a productive work-life for over forty years.

    No, we came to Africa with the family, because of believe that we have a mission, having a calling as family.

    We have heard the cry of Africa and we have given response and we went in obedience on His word , with God as our compass for direction and under His leadership.

    God is calling us, to the place where He needs us to be and where there is a great hunger for His word; to where He can use us as a tool to bring the word of bible to the people. This can be people which are in desperation and not able in their own capacity to receive the Word or not being able to make the connection with our Father.

    That is why we went, to bring His word, with a low threshold, for everybody to understand and to have access to the love of our Father. Than to receive this love, as in itís original purpose of the creation. To restore of what is lost after menís fall in sin: marriage as it was original purposed with a three fold cord that man and woman and God bind together in unity. Marriage: where the family relation with God the Father is the binding factor, wherein we are belonging to one house. The house of the heavenly Father, in which we care for each other!

    Is this a dream? Yes, but a dream which can come to reality if you believe in it and will live according to it.

    That is where we like to run for.
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